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Training of educators

A priority objective will be to contribute to permanent professional training of educators both in the formal and non-formal fields in order to achieve greater reflection on their teaching or educational practice to provoke processes of change and improvement in the different contexts where the programmes are applied.

In the school environment, the aim is to adapt the curriculum to the social demands and needs of the context itself, taking into account its possibilities and resources. The objective would be to develop educational proposals, focused on a strategy of development and educational and cultural transformation at the local level, focusing on the entire educational community. To do this, we start from a training strategy based on the premise of collaborative action research. The entire educational community will carry out a reflective and critical analysis for the interpretation of data in order to give it meaning and provide curricular solutions.

Programme evaluation

In our context there is still very little tradition of programme evaluation. Often much enthusiasm is channelled into the design, but its effectiveness is rarely checked.

Our objective is to systematically evaluate the programmes implemented through scientific methods taking into account their objectives, effects and results in order to make decisions during the implementation of the programme and consider the possibilities of replicating this elsewhere, promote knowledge about a certain competence and how it has been achieved, provide public information on achievements, show the profitability of the programme, verify, etc.